Thermal Imaging Camera Specialists Albury Wodonga


One of our more innovative services is offering a complete thermal imaging of all your electrical switchboards and components to discover areas of potential problems. A thermal imaging scan of your electicals can show “hot spots” and problem areas that can then be quickly and easily rectified before and serious issue occur. Torney and Allen can arrange a regular schedule to ensure your electrical components are maintained in optimal working condition.

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Hot spots are difficult to detect unless an annual thermal scan is undertaken. Visible clues alone are clearly not effective indicators of overheating switchboards. Sometimes it’s too late to prevent serious fire.

Thermal imaging allows faults to be identified while equipment is operational reducing the potential for failure and preventing unforeseen downtime and associated costs.

Applications of thermal imaging include inspection of your electrical equipment and distribution system, heat exchangers, missing or damaged refactory or insulation layers, and energy loss. At Torney & Allen we use an infrared camera to take infrared photographs of thermal anomalies:

  • Electrical switch boards for electrical faults
  • Motors for bearing failure or mechanical problems
  • Transformers for overheating and electrical faults
  • Tanks – including stainless steel tanks to discover leaks
  • Equipment for non destructive testing (NDT) purposes
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