Solar Energy Metering Albury Wodonga

In order to install a grid connected solar power system at your premises, you will need to have a compatible switchboard and meter. Torney and Allen are fully qualified and State Government approved to install and supply the correct metering for your solar panel application.

To access the full value of the solar energy being generated by your system, it is a requirement that your meter be changed to a two-way (bi-directional) meter; one that not only reads your consumption, but the amount of electricity you are exporting to the mains grid. A system may be installed prior to the bi-directional meter, but in the interim, any surplus power you generate will spin your current meter backwards; i.e. just provide a credit at the current market rate.

To make sure you get the correct metering you can call us on (02) 6021 3900 or contact us here.