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If you require electrical systems in a Body or Cardiac Protected Area then Torney and Allen can design, manufacture and implement a system that conforms to Australian Standard ASPER A.S/NZ93003) Medical Standard. We have many years of experience installing systems in hospitals, surgeries, medical offices and cardiac care facilities, all built and maintained to current Federal Government standards.

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Patient Area Electrical Classification

Classification of patient areas as either Body or Cardiac electrically protected is the role of the responsible organisation/entity of health care facilities and institutions.

Electricians are responsible for the correct wiring and protection systems being installed based on the classification by the facility’s responsible organisation/entity.

AS/NZS 3003: 2018 discusses this protocol in Chapter 1 and advises responsible organisation/entity to refer to standard AS/NZS 2500 for advice.
AS/NZS 3003: 2018 has mandatory classification for nominated areas, refer clause 2.2.3 and 2.2.4 for this requirement.

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